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Grove Enclave Condominiums

3020 McDonald St, Miami, Florida

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Outside its popularity for a vacation spot, a large number of people call home. We are current with our listings and you can see all of our amenities, floor plans, and read about how is going to be your next home.

With a rapid growing population, location to some of the finest restaurants, and amazing skyline, has become the place to be in Miami. If you’re looking for a place that’s close to great shopping, fine dining, and the country’s greatest nightlife. Miami real estate has changed over the years and the Miami condo market has been on the rise with one high rise after the other. Under the Miami Sun, Grove Enclave make some shade for the swarms of pedestrians that walk through this amazing cosmopolitan every day. With Grove Enclave Miami just minutes away, you’re right on top of world class restaurants, a large grocery store, quick eateries, and designer label shopping. It offers apartments with 5 and 5 bedrooms floor plans. is a beautiful place filled with life and enjoyment, offering amazing dining and great nightlife. Due to the decrease in prices of real estate properties over the last decade, real estate properties investing have increased also its popularity.